About Us

About Us

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Guiding the Way

Baetapele was established in 2006 after identifying a gap in the industry for reputable black owned mining supplies company. The early years of the company were dominantly focused on mining supplies and risk management, however, the company transitioned to renewable energy and alternative power solutions. Baetapele coordinates procurement with reputable industry stakeholders/suppliers including Engineering and Project Management professionals.

We custom design each project to determine the best combination of equipment and materials to leverage the best performance based on your geographical location. After each project is commissioned, real-time digital monitoring is introduced to the client to confirm system performance and critical areas that require maintenance or are prone to repairs.

Our Mission, Vision, Goal and Values

Guided by Purpose

Our Mission

To consistently provide excellent, efficient, and reliable service to all our customers.

Our Vision

To provide the best service at the lowest risk possible.

Our Goal

To increase your productivity and efficiency to grow your business.

Our Values

That personal relationships are important to us, hence, every customer is important to us.

Our Journey

A Legacy of Excellence

A local company located in Middelburg, Mpumalanga Province, Baetapele Services is committed to commissioning high-quality renewable energy projects at the most cost-effective price. We help families and businesses to come out of darkness and become energy independent by using the best Solar PV technology in the market. Every customer is important to us, and our objective will be to ensure that your energy demands are met to ensure minimum disruptions to your life and your business.

Transformative Impact

Empowering Change

Our dedication to progress is evident in these impressive statistics.


Energy Efficiency


Environmental Sustainability


Customer Satisfaction


Social Responsibility

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