Baetapele team commissioned another successful 20kW system upgrade. High electricity bill as well as energy supply disruptions of cable theft or load shedding/reduction is now a topic of the past for this client. Seamless integration of the best products in the market. – 28 x AstroEnergy 550W Mono Solar Panels (15.4kWp) – 4 x 5kW […]

When it comes to corporate projects, we have a plan for you!

We are dedicated to Service Excellence, providing our customers with the best products on the Market at the most affordable prices. We can help you reduce your energy costs by more than 50%, and providing you independence from Grid power outages. Call or WhatsApp us today on +27 64 764 0651 Email:

EcoHybrid Solar System Installation

Baetapele Team completed another successful EcoHybrid Solar System. A very affordable Combo Lux & Hina Gem, perfect for taking control of your energy production. 8 x Haitai 550W PV modules 1 x Luxpower SNA5000 1 x HinaESS PowerGem We render professional services and give you the best service money can buy. Call or WhatsApp us […]

No installation too big or too small for Baetapele!

We design and install Solar systems for Residential and Commercial customers. Let us help you become energy-independent and save you money on your electricity bill. Successful installation of: 24 x 550W Canadian 2 x Luxpower Eco-hybrid SNA6000 2 x Dyness Powerbox Pro 10.24kWh Call or WhatsApp us on 064 764 0651 Email us at : […]

17.6kWp Solar Hybrid system installation

Baetapele Team Commissioned another successful 17.6kWp Solar Hybrid system installation powered by: – 32 x 550W PV Modules – 16kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter – 7 x 5.5kWh Hubble AM2 Lithium ion batteries. The client is looking for cost savings on his Electricity Bill, the system will save him hundreds of rands while keeping his lights […]

Aerorand, Middelburg

Solar Empowerment: 4.25kWp Trina System Project Highlights: Baetapele Services proudly presents another successful installation—featuring a 4,250kWp system with advanced components. Key Features: Ready for Solar? Call or WhatsApp us at 064 764 0651 for a free assessment and quotation. Empower your space with sustainable energy!

Nazareth, Middelburg

Empowering Every Home: Kodak 3.5kW Project Highlights: Baetapele Services recently completed a successful installation—featuring a Kodak 3.5kW system with a 2.6kWh PylonTech Lithium-ion battery. Affordable Power: Breaking barriers, this project disproves the notion that backup systems are only for the wealthy. Say Goodbye to Loadshedding: Experience uninterrupted power. Bid farewell to loadshedding woes. Contact Us: […]

Clubville, Middelburg

Seamless Power: 3.5kW SRNE Inverter Project Highlights: Baetapele Services successfully commissions another project—featuring a 3.5kW SRNE Inverter paired with a 5.12kWh Lithium-Ion battery. Reliable Power: Experience a disruption-free power supply, ensuring your daily operations run smoothly. Get in Touch: Excited about uninterrupted power? Call or WhatsApp us at 0647640651 for a personalized assessment and quotation.

Aerorand, Middelburg

Reliable Backup: 5kW Luxpower with Dyness Battery Project Highlights: Baetapele proudly commissions another successful backup system featuring a 5kW Luxpower inverter, a 5.12kWh Dyness Lithium-ion battery, equipped with a Generator Port. Backup Assurance: With this resilient setup, ensure uninterrupted power during outages. Free Assessment: For personalized assessments and quotes, contact us via Call or WhatsApp […]

Groenkol, Middelburg

Optimized Savings: 5kW Luxpower Plus Project Highlights: Baetapele Services proudly announces the completion of another successful project—a 5kW Luxpower Plus system paired with a 5.12kWh Greenwich Lithium-ion battery. This robust setup is supported by 6 x Canadian T6 Solar Panels. Client Satisfaction: Our client is thrilled to witness tangible savings on their electricity bills. Baetapele […]

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